How I started

My name is Jacques. I’ve been a full time developer since 2020. That unique situation gave me a lot of time to hone my skills. Even before that I was working as a developer while studying since 2017. I absolutely love projects. Nothing is more fun for me than starting with a vision, and seeing it through to the end and being able to say “I made this.”

My Experience Now

Programming Skills and Technologies

  • PHP, Javascript/Typescript, Java, SQL, C#
  • Experience with Angular, GitHub/GitLab, Netlify, Spring Batch, and Android

  • Work Experience

    Fullstack Engineer II | April 2022 - now

  • Incorporated schema changes and backend CRUD API calls to existing site
  • Utilized third party API to handle tax exemptions on select online orders
  • Corrected slow unit tests to reduce run time of nightly tests cron job

  • Software Engineer | June 2020 - April 2022

  • Designed Spring Batch jobs/Groovy jobs to automate contract cancellations and alterations, saving 50 hours of monthly labor
  • Strengthened internal company task management website, processing hundreds of tasks a day
  • Identified and resolved high priority bugs and implemented Unit Tests with Mockito, resulting in >97% site active up-time.
  • Executed large queries of data for business reports and Spring batch jobs, leading to data-driven product policies being created
  • Cultivated collaborative events and team-bonding activities

  • Software Development Intern | October 2017 - May 2020

  • United with interns to design a pattern recognition application, saving the company an estimated 6 digit outsourcing cost.
  • Converted products from Visual Basic to C#, updating company technology to more modern standards
  • Created new applications for sales team of subsidiary company to get more work done in less time
  • Address

    Greater Twin Cities Area