🛠️ Building a Web App to Create Quizzes with AI

2023-04-13 00:00:00 +0000

🎉 Crispy Quiz

Crispy Quiz creates article/content-specific quizzes to test knowledge retention and comprehension.

🚀 Inception

This project was initially designed to help test my Spanish comprehension on articles I had just read. Upon hearing how much ChatGPT was disrupting education and teachers’ ability to accurately assess their students, I realized my project could be used to turn the tides in teachers’ favor. Now, teachers can quiz their students on specific materials to ensure they’re completing their assignments and understanding them properly.

🧠 What I Learned

  • React
  • Serverless Functions (Google Cloud Platform)

💡 Other Interesting Technologies/Resources Used

  • OpenAI API
  • NLTK
  • Netlify

🛠️ Spanish Phonetic Converter

2021-07-12 00:00:00 +0000

🎉 IPA Spanish Phonetic Converter

IPA Spanish Phonetic Converter Convert Spanish text to it’s phonetic spelling to improve pronunciation.

🚀 Inception

This was my first personal project that I followed through to the finish line. I had taken a phonetics class and became interested in how almost “programmatic” our pronunciation of words changes depending on the surrounding phonemes. I knew the subject was incredibly niche, but as it was my first completely original idea I decided to see it all the way through

🧠 What I Learned

  • Android SDK


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